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bodasdesangre: (gypsy ballads.)

i can make it longer, if you like the style.

but i need a break, and i want to be a paperback writer.

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I look back on where I'm from
look at the woman I've become
and the strangest things
seem suddenly routine
I look up from my Vermouth on the rocks
a gift-wrapped wig still in the box
of towering velveteen.

I put on some make-up
and some LaVern Baker
and pull the wig down from the shelf
Suddenly I'm Miss Beehive 1963
Until I wake up
And turn back to myself

~ "Wig in A Box,"Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

It's a writing journal for [info]amor_remanet. It used to be housed over at [info]duanya_lesfics, but is getting a move. There will be more here... eventually.

Oh, and some fair warning. A lot of my writing will be, while not "transgressive," filled with things that several people may or may not find objectionable. These include, but are not limited to: colorful language, slash, femmeslash, drinking/drug use, religious debate, psychological issues (which, in turn, include, but are not limited to: eating disorders, depression, odd and/or destructive parent-child relationships, slowly going crazy, inexplicable crazy, sadism/masochism, destructive love, and, all in all, what could be termed "love disorders"), and... a lot of other things. My writing also tends to be pretty personal, and to favor a bent towards wonky, present tense narration.

At any rate, I'll be putting ratings and warning on everything, so you needn't worry about reading something you won't like. So, I'll be responsible for my stuff; you be responsible about reading it.

Anything that is from a fandom is NOT MINE. Anything from Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling, anything from Firefly belongs to Joss Whedon, anything from Criminal Minds belongs to Jeff Davis and Ed Bernero, anything from Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy, anything from House, MD belongs to David Shore, anything from Watchmen belongs to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, anything from Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke, anything from Futurama belongs to Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, and, in general, anything that's not mine will be recognized as being not mine. It belongs to its rightful owners; don't sue me, I have no money.

Additionally, any characterizations of fandom characters that were inspired by and/or based on those that I've RPed with will be recognized as being inspired by/based on my friends' characterizations. In outright RP-based fics, credit will definitely go to my friends.

Am also not The Beatles, John Cameron Mitchell, or any related parties. "Paperback Writer" and "Wig In A Box" are just two of my many theme songs. NB FOR ANYONE DOWNLOADING MY FANMIXES: the RIAA states that you're allowed to download said music but that you're supposed to delete the files in 24 hours if you haven't already purchased the songs. Please keep that in mind. (And since I've so disclaimed, point no fingers at me. I'm a broke recent college graduate.)

"Every person in therapy has a love disorder: never felt love, can't find love, trapped by love, unraveled by love, thinks love is lust or love is loss, fears love, loves too much, uses love for profit, jealous in love, lost in love, love affairs, unrequited love, love sick, doesn't love Mom, won't love Dad, can't love the kids, can't love the self, hopeless love, self-absorbed love, love as a crutch, loves as a truncheon, love in ruins, crazy love, love that eats the heart, careless love, drowning in love, love that dares not speak its name, blind love, consuming love, obsessive love, conditional love, dangerous love, first love, last love, fickle love, love and marriage, love lost, secret love, love on the run, love that hates, dutiful love, borrowed love, thief of love, love in embers, love in vain, love in shackles, love maligned, love that warps the mind a little." ~ John Dufresne

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